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5+1 book Bundle Offer

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Knock at the door Anointing that changes you Abundance Mindset He loves you just the way you are Power of letting go + Workbook

Abundance Mindset

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Today we’ll learn about the ‘ABUNDANCE MINDSET’ and how it helps us in understanding what we should do and what we should avoid, to inherit the Kingdom of God. 

Do Your Part – Nehemiah

230.00 180.00
A powerful book that explains the importance of doing our part in accomplishing the grand design of God's mega plan.

Fight of the spirit

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An insightful book that is a must read if you want to be successful. It talks about how you can be successful and also what freezes your growth towards success.

Freedom From Rejection

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Rejection can break a beautiful life. Learn to overcome rejection and enjoy the freedom God has purposed for you.